Originally founded in 1960 in Spain by Miguel Laso Tortosa, Expormim was then known as “La exportadora de mimbre.” Laso Tortosa, a former lawyer, launched the brand to address two discrepancies in the market: the lack of furniture products made from natural materials in Europe, and the need for greater industrialization in Moixent (a town south of Valencia). Now headquartered in Valencia, Expormim creates original chairs, tables, and storage pieces for both indoor and outdoor use from their in-house facility. The creation process from design concept to construction, prioritizes environmental sustainability, quality, and good design.

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Overview & History

Miguel Laso Tortosa, a lawyer by trade, decided to launch “La exportadora de mimbre” in 1960. His decision was inspired by the need for more furniture brands that source natural materials as well as the need for greater industrialization of the agricultural town Moixent which lies south of Valencia.

The original company name reflected his vision, a furniture company that exported wicker-only furniture. The materials for his products were sourced locally for Cuenca and processed in a Moixent-based factory to create artisanal baskets, folding screens, cradles, and trays.

In 1964, Miguel Laso Llopis, son of the founder, left his career as a telecommunications engineer in Germany to join his father's company. The addition to the company transformed the inventory from artisanal wicker baskets and accessories to the production of arm and lounge chairs as well. During the golden period of tourism that took place towards the end of the 1960s entering into the 1970s, La Exportadora added products constructed from cane, leading to massive growth for the company. The massive growth was met with an abrupt Spanish recession in 1977 which forced the company to look outside of Europe for quality materials, leading to the discovery of rattan plantations in Indonesia. Expormim began importing such materials and began constructing tables, sideboards, and beds as added inventory.

Through a series of similar shifts in the business towards the start of the new century, the company rebrands to Expormim, a shorter simpler name they felt was feasible to maintain their growing international relationships while keeping the essence of the brand. Currently, Expormim furnishes cafes and hotels in over 50 countries around the world across 5 continents.

Today, now operated by the third-generation Laso family, the company continues to meet the changing market sourcing the most quality materials for the creation of some of the most elegant and refined furniture on the market to date.

Showroom Highlights

The Nautica Family

The Nautica family is a 2 piece collection of two similar outdoor swing chairs. The Nautica Outdoor Swing chair is constructed from a high-resistance aluminum tube finished in textured epoxy paint. As a customer, you have the freedom to customize the piece with a variety of outdoor technical fabrics to choose from. This swing chair is elegant in style and does not compromise on comfort. Similarly, the second piece of the collection, the Nautica Outdoor Swing chair with base, is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The base is made from a high-resistance aluminum tube finished with polyester powder. You will love these pieces, come in and see us!

Falcata Indoor Dining Table

Designed in 2017, this indoor dining table is made with a tabletop made of solid European oak wood. Offering a subtle touch of elegance, the legs are constructed from aluminum and finished with polyester powder. Customers have the choice between a natural or lacquer finish tabletop as well as Oakwood and Oak plywood. This table is a great option for anyone looking for a simple yet high-quality dining table that will seamlessly blend with the styling of any room. This piece is a subtle staple in any home. We would love to show you this piece in person and help you consider it for your space!

Looking for Expormim near you?

At Millésimé, we offer in-person shopping and consultations in Philadelphia and Cape May. We invite you to read more about our company’s story and offerings on our website. For now, here are a few reasons why our offering of Expormim pieces in-house is such a unique opportunity for you to experience this global brand.

Expormim continues to meet the needs of customers as trends evolve. Sourcing a variety of premium materials from rattan, to cane, to European oak. All of its products continue to be made with care in its in-house factory in Moixent. You will not be disappointed by these pieces. Millésimé is the only local retailer of Expormim. We would love to show you these pieces in person. We look forward to seeing you!

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