“Question everything, keep the good” is a statement that speaks to the core values of Montis, a Dutch furniture manufacturer founded in 1974. Montis strives to unify quality, craftsmanship, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics in the furniture they create. The Montis logo references the simplicity of the circle shape, a symbol they say transcends cultural beliefs. The Montis furniture design reflects the company’s artistic transcendence through each piece’s distinct voice and elegant essence. Montis prides itself on creating sleek furniture pieces that are geometrically playful, comfortable, and high quality down to the details.

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Overview & History

Founded in the south of the Netherlands in 1974, out of the open-minded spirit of the 1970s, Montis is a brand that prides itself on its modern and pragmatic design theory and warm and friendly values.

The founding designer, Gerard van den Berg, led the brand through the 1980s, during which the company produced many collections that are still favored today. In 1990, van den Berg transitioned out of the company leading to Gijs Papvoine assuming the role of the head designer until 2013. Afterward, the brand began collaborating with renowned Dutch designers such as Gert Batenburg, Dick Spierenburg, Arian Brekveld, and Geert Koster, as well as other international leaders: Niels Bendtsen, Simon Pengelly, and Christophe Marchand, to name a few.

Over the years, Montis continues to draw from its unique design method, mainly its foam molding facility, which is one of a kind in the Netherlands. The use of its facility minimizes residual waste and guarantees comfort and longevity while allowing for creative freedom. Montis seeks to design furniture with playful shapes, which is possible through its shape-foaming process that coats curved steel frameworks in polyurethane foam.

Montis pieces are now widely sold in over 40 countries around the world. The company continues to source materials locally, in the Netherlands and nearby countries, to achieve premier quality furniture pieces, allowing the consumer to find the balance between maximum ambiance and optimal comfort.

Showroom Highlights


The Axel couch, designed by Gijs Papavoine in 2005, is a couch with a notable design frame that gives a distinct sense of luxury upon seeing it in person. Montis makes this piece in both leather and fabric and various colors. Although it is a structural piece, it offers excellent comfort as a piece of furniture for relaxing in any living space. The Axel is the perfect couch for various customers, designed to seat a minimum of 2-3 people comfortably, depending on the model chosen. While classic in its appearance, it also includes modern leg fixture options, including dark or silver finishing and wide-base or sled structure options. Suppose you are looking for a classic yet contemporary piece to center the design of your living space. In that case, we recommend you see this piece!

Vico Lazy

Montis considers the Vico Lazy chair to be the “little sister” model of the Vico chair. Like the larger model, it offers the same elegance and compactness as the larger model. It is the perfect chair for various uses as an office, bedroom, or living area accent piece. The seat, armrest, and narrow backrest construction guarantee optimal comfort and freedom to move while seated. You will undoubtedly feel well supported as well while sitting in this chair. The chair comes in a variety of colors for both the upholstery as well as the leg finishing. Come in soon to see it for yourself!

Looking for Montis near you?

At Millésimé, we offer in-person shopping and consultations in Philadelphia and Cape May. We invite you to read more about our company’s story and offerings on our website. For now, here are a few reasons why our offering of Montis pieces in-house is such a unique opportunity for you to experience this global brand.

Since it began in 1974, Montis continues to hold to its values of innovation and imagination in design while prioritizing function and comfort. Its products are the face of elegance. As a customer of Montis, you are sure to receive a well-constructed product made by a small collaborative team that prioritizes minimizing waste during the construction process. Montis is your go-to for modern, elegant, and innovative furniture design. Millésimé is the only local retailer of Montis. We would love to bring your experience of Montis to life by showing these pieces to you in person. We hope to see you soon!

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