Unknown Nordic


Unknown Nordic

Nature is the inspiration for the organic shapes and patterns of Unknown Nordic’s furniture and items. They combine function, quality, and aesthetics to create long-lasting, sculptural pieces of furniture art.

Unknown Nordic presents designs made of the marvelous natural material volcanic basalt also called lava. Lava has amazing properties: extreme strength, low weight, sound reduction, and heat non-absorbance. This makes it the perfect material for the hanging Bios lounger. Each handmade, the bios lounger creates the perfect secluded atmosphere for unparalleled comfort and ultimate relaxation. The open pattern allows light to shine through. Combined with the sound-reducing properties of the lava, the lounger becomes a true haven of tranquility.

As well as creating beautiful pieces, by creating furniture made of a natural material, Unknown Nordic pays their contribution to a greener and more sustainable world. The long lifespan and durability make lava furniture perfect for creating beautiful outdoor spaces all year round.

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