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In 2005, Christian Benini founded Wall & Deco, a contemporary wallpaper company with a vision to bring wallpaper to become a leading protagonist of contemporary living. As a former advertising photographer, Benini created a design brand that prioritizes cutting-edge aesthetics, technical research, and innovation. In 2007, the company shifted from a design-only brand to a manufacturer. The following year brought the opening of the current head office. The wallpapers produced offer a variety of customization to please any customer, including a variety of colors and sizes of graphics within the collection. Benini continues as the creative director today.

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Overview & History

In 2005, former advertising photographer Christian Benini founded a wallpaper design brand, Wall & Deco after being inspired by his photography used as a wallpaper graphic. His idea for graphic wallpaper as a means to contemporize a living space. During its first year, the brand released its first collection to the media, followed by presenting a collection at Maison & Object, Paris, and creating its first Wall&deco vinyl substrate in the following year.

The company continued to expand, between 2007-2015 the company expanded to not only design its prints but also manufacture them in-house, open a new head office, develop several new collaborations with designers, and hold several exhibits in Milan and Paris, and opened its first showroom in Milan.

In 2018, Wall & Deco became part of the Swedish group Wallvision, the manufacturer and distributor of premium range wallpapers, and opened its new construction headquarters in 2020. The Wallvision Group has since changed its name to Embellence group and now offers interior design decor products beyond wallpaper.

The brand offers a host of wallpaper designs, with new collections released regularly. Regardless of the specific collection, each print is unparalleled as a wallpaper print and elevates the experience of any room with texture, vivid coloring, and overall artistry. It is no surprise that the company has excelled in the European luxury market.

Showroom Highlights


Designed in 2019, this colorful and ornate wallpaper is the perfect print for a statement wall. Complete with lush leaf-like shapes and artistic human characters, Delove is a perfect piece of art that is sure to spark conversation in your space as you and your guests observe the details and story within the print. The piece is customizable with options for a more vibrant pink theme or a muted grey. Both options maintain neutrality that would be a great canvas for black, brown, or brass-colored furniture pieces. This is truly a work of art. Come in soon to take a closer look!


Designed in 2014 by Wall & Deco founder, Christian Benini, this wallpaper offers customers an opportunity to create an interesting statement wall inspired by literature. The image captures various book titles as if a giant bookshelf covers the wall. The print is perfect for a library, office, or living space and is neutral in tones with subtle notes of color. Two options are offered capturing different sections of the graphical bookshelf. You will be impressed how this floor-to-ceiling graphical bookshelf elevates your space, brings timeless character, but also structure. This is a great choice from Wall & Deco that will not disappoint. Come take a closer look by visiting our showroom.

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Designed in 2013 by Paolo Badesco Constantino Affuso, this wallpaper offers the visual appearance of a built-in bookshelf without permanence. The all-white quality also brings a neutral tone to the space. This print is perfect for creating a statement wall in a library, office, living space, or even the kitchen! Two options are available offering two slightly different levels of brightness. Both are sure to elevate whichever space you choose and guests are sure to love it as well. Come into the showroom soon for a closer look!


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At Millésimé, we offer in-person shopping and consultations in Philadelphia and Cape May. We invite you to read more about our company’s story and offerings on our website. For now, here are a few reasons why our offering of Wall & Deco pieces in-house is such a unique opportunity for you to experience this global brand.

Since its creation in 2005, Wall & Deco has continually offered unique wallpaper collections with the stunning brilliance of high-quality floor-to-ceiling photographs. Now with hundreds of options to choose from created by various designers, you are sure to find a print that is perfect for your space. Millésimé is the only local retailer of Wall & Deco. We would love to give you a closer look at these amazing wallpaper prints. We look forward to seeing you!

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