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ZEUS was born from a group of friends in 1984, amidst the enthusiasm and drive to exchange experiences in the fields of design, fashion and art, with the aim of sharing individual ideas and mixing them up, contaminating each other’s. A team of young designers not fully on board with the coloured and striking postmodernism found more ground in the philosophy of a synthesis design: the Zeus group started offering minimalist furniture that was black and chic.

They chose ZEUS as their name, the divinity par excellence, with a deliberate bit of arrogance, thus creating an iconic, recognisable brand. The first products also shortly followed: the fashion collection, ad hoc drawn fabrics, series of neckties, t-shirts with their logo in different variants… and at the same time three chairs, a table and a bench, drawn with a PaperMate felt tip pen by Peregalli in the early days. The ZEUS group, with an attitude that would be defined as ‘understatement’ today, became the author of everything: the graphics, design, art, fashion being sold in the via Vigevano shop were all theirs. It was the year 1984.

Zeus Noto is a furniture brand that produces stark yet alluring furniture from their base in Milan, Italy. They are known for their postmodern designs that feature clean and simple lines with a less colorful, less maximalist palette. Zeus Noto furniture is frequently made of metal and are designed with extraordinary care. 

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