Designs to illuminate your outdoor life.
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Bring extra light and brightness to your outdoor life!


Esferas Outdoor Lamp by Pablo Gironés for Diabla

Thanks to its balloon inspired design, Esferas brings a more playful, cheerful, and festive light to any space that it occupies. Esferas is portable and designed with versatility in mind, so that it can fit just as easily in an outdoor lounge as in a dining room.


Imu by Omar Carraglia from Davide Groppi

Imu, designed is an entrance light thought to welcome into the home. It is playful, while integrating perfectly into modern design.


Club Lounge Floor Lamp by Royal Botania

The teak construction of the base and the amber or beige shade of the Floor Lamp from Royal Botania’s Club Lounge collection reflects the back the golden glow of the light to warm your outdoor space.


Paseo from Ligne Roset

Paseo, as its Spanish name suggests, is an invitation to take a stroll. It is a portable solar powered lantern with a teak structure and black epoxy lacquered aluminium grilles on each of the 4 sides.


OH Suspension Lamp from Expormim

The belief is common to every culture in the world that the circle symbolizes God and heaven, wholeness, perfection, eternity. Oh Lamp is inspired by this tradition. When seen from above it draws a circle, a perfectly round exclamation forever suspended in time and space.