Whether formal meeting spaces, lounge areas or new work solutions, Magis products are suitable for any project, always adding a special touch.

Learn about designs by Konstantin Grcic, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Jaime Hayón, Naoto Fukasawa, Inga Sempé, Jerszy Seymour, Anderssen & Voll, Thomas Heatherwick, Ron Arad, Eero Aarnio and Marcel Wanders.

Magis & Sustainability

“End the Dictatorship of Plastic”

It sounds like a slogan of the present day. It’s actually a declared mission that Magis has been pursuing since the early 2000s. Experimentation, wellbeing and sustainability: these are the tenets of their innovation, in which design is about complete respect of the person and the environment.


Bureaurama, designed by Jerszy Seymour

This outstanding collection includes round tables and stools in painted and splattered aluminum. “It is meant to provide a space in which to reconsider our future, discuss and make decisions, or simply to twiddle our thumbs, doodle and chill out” says Seymour.



The Volentieri project came into being after visiting, with Eugenio Perazza, a family-run Venice firm which had invented its own technique for producing tufted rugs on an industrial scale.‎ With them, Inga wanted to make simple, quiet and almost neutral rugs, lit up by slim, bright and luminous bands like neon strips.‎

Volentieri is a collection of rugs available in standard sizes and which can also be made to measure.‎ There are two models: Cornice, which appears as an overlapping of two rugs, one on the other, and Finestra, which appears instead as three overlapping rugs.‎

Me Too

me too

A collection of objects and furniture for anyone and any space

The Magis Plastic Puppy was designed by Eero Aarnio in 2004 for Magis to reflect a child’s perspective on design. It’s regarded as a modern design classic, universally adored by adults and children alike and comes in many sizes and colors.

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer who was one of the first to create furniture from fiberglass and plastic. Aarnio’s basic premise was that “A chair is a chair, is a chair, is a chair ……. but a seat does not necessarily have to be a chair.”

Pina Chair

Pina Chair

A perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics. The chair features a light and airy upholstered woven steel rod frame, which gives it a fresh and light coziness.

Designed by Jaime Hayón, the Pina Chair is a unique piece of furniture that embodies a strong idea. The chair is highly functional and adds a touch of sophistication to any space, especially perfect choice for outdoor relaxation.


BOUQUET a Table lamp / Vase By Magis

Bouquet is a portable table lamp that doubles as a flower vase.‎ Available in six monochromatic colours which offer several possible combinations thanks to the removable flower vase.‎

Designed by BrogliatoTraverso, who founded their design studio of the same name in 2014, this small rechargeable lamp reflects the duo’s modus operandi: simplify and design essential objects, minimising details and maximising functionality to offer unexpected solutions for use.‎ Thus, light becomes the unexpected decorative element in floral arrangements.‎ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it creates the perfect atmosphere.‎