Earth Bamboo


Earth Bamboo

Soft textures, durability and pure nature. Earth Bamboo combines the softest, most lustrous surface with robustness and durability, making sure that the carpet works perfectly in almost any interior. Massimo achieves this by blending soft bamboo fibre with New Zealand wool of the highest quality. Bamboo grows at lightning speed and requires no fertilizer, while the fibres are extracted and processed mechanically – not chemically. This means that they have a minimal impact on the environment. The result is a yarn with an extraordinary softness and sheen. massimo mixes equal parts wool and bamboo fibres, creating a finished rug with an exceptional level of sturdiness, protecting the rug against wear and tear and pressure marks.

Available colors Dessert Sand Cashmere Camel Vibrant Blue Nougat Rose Soft grey Warm Grey Concrete Terra Cotta Mustard Yellow Available sizes 140 x 200 cm (Only Vibrant Blue, Nougat Rose, Soft grey, Warm Grey, Concrete, Cashmere & Mustard Yellow) 170 x 240 cm (Not available in Charcoal) 200 x 300 cm 250 x 300 cm (Not available in Terra Cotta & Charcoal) 300 x 400 cm (Only available in Cashmere, Nougat Rose, Soft Grey & Concrete Grey) Ø 240 cm (Round – only available in Mustard Yellow & Warm Grey)

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