Zuan Dining Cabinet


Zuan Dining Cabinet

Elegant cabinet with essential lines of Japanese flavor. The slender structure in essence is opposed by four slim legs in gilded metal. Zuan is recognizable by the detail of the support, a quarter of a circle with great aesthetic and functionality, which defines the character of the storage unit. The central compartment, closed by essential brass handles, has shelves in Verde Alpi marble, a gesture of surprising refinement. The upper part of the cabinet is divided into four sections, in turn divided into smaller niches, drawn according to the golden proportion, inscribable in a perfect spiral. A wunderkabinet to exhibit our wonders. “Different cultural needs and references in time and space are combined in the "Zuan" cabinet collection. The timeless classical Chinese cabinets and the eighteenth-century English "chests" are revisited and updated. The single piece combines three materials in a variable and versatile way: brass, wood and marble. The brass for the support frames and partition walls, the wood for the containers and the marble for the support surfaces. The passionate quality of traditional cabinetmakers is supported by engineering in all production phases and by numerical control technologies, from the general scale to that of detail. The result is a product freed from fashions and boundaries." Paolo Rizzatto

184x59x78H cm

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