Bring more Joy to your Working Day with these Home Office Picks

Every week we share exciting announcements, new design releases, interior design inspiration, and tips to creating your perfect interior. Not on the list? No problem! Here’s an abridged version:

Make your work week as pleasant as possible by staying organized and stylish.

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Miami Desk by Nika Zupanc for Ghidini 1961

Although somewhat simple in form, the spectacular shine to the Miami Desk makes using a somewhat utilitarian piece joyful. It reflects light making your space feel lighter in spite of the desk’s sturdy stainless steel construction.


The G24 Table Lamp by Pierre Guariche for Studio Sammode

The G24 Lamp exemplifies Studio Sammode’s commitment to tradition in design and craft. Designed in 1953, the G24’s intriguing, delicate, and sculptural lines haven’t changed in subsequent decades. G24 will light your desk to perfection just as it did decades ago.


Iola Chair by Miniforms

Despite it’s simple adherence to a pure ergonomic form, the Iola chair is still full of character. Its subtle curves create the perfect shell to enclose and support you at work while remaining elegant.


Oak Pirouette book rack for Ethnicraft

Most bookshelves aim to be inconspicuous and completely blend in with the surrounding space. While the Pirouette book rack’s versatile, timeless design will integrate anywhere, its asymmetrical shelves and playful doors make it stand out as particularly beautiful object.


USM Haller Storage Solution and Desk

Who would we be to not include USM in our home office email. Now with integrated lighting systems, USM makes storage stylish.