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In 1975, Rafael Rodriguez, a metal worker living in Barcelona, decided to open his own business, RS Barcelona. The company progressed with time from a sheet metal workshop to an industrial building in Viladecans, Barcelona where his two sons also joined the business. In 2006, the company landed the opportunity to sell products at the legendary Vinçon store which was the first of many partnerships in Europe, the US, and around the world. RS Barcelona is known for its living products that are of high design value, made of top-quality materials and functionality, of innovative solutions. They pride themselves on creating furniture products that are conducive to what they call “intense living.” Potential customers can rest assured that RS Barcelona products will deliver quality design, customization, and functionality.

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Overview & History

Rafael Rodriguez Castillo, a metalworker, launched his own sheet metal business in 1975. Over time, he expanded this business to include his two sons who left their careers to come to support the family business.

The trio was successful in manufacturing metal products but soon found a desire to expand the company creatively. The team first designed and produced the RS#2 designer football table, a highly personal reinterpretation of one of the classic items of football culture in Spain. In 2006, the RS#2 was sold from the window of the famous Vinçon store, a high-level achievement for any furniture company. This accomplishment led the company to launch in the US market as well as to sell in leading show windows around the world.

The company now collaborates regularly with young and world-renowned designers, a team of expert craftsmanship and metalwork experience, production skills, and technological expertise, to develop new concepts to create products that encourage what the company calls “intense living.”

RS Barcelona developed the concept of “intense living” as a way of understanding life in which the most important thing is to look for positivity in every situation, to invest one’s heart and soul into what you do without fear, and to know when it's necessary to rest. RS Barcelona strives to act as a support in this process of intense living by adding more fun and playfulness to life with products like its RS Home football table.

RS Barcelona also prioritizes sustainability by first ensuring that its products are made with durability in mind. Their commitment to the planet is this: to manufacture top-quality, hard-wearing items through environmentally friendly production processes. Versatility, in both the use and function of the product, is also a priority in the design process so that each piece can be adapted to changes in the life of a customer.

While versatile, the company prides itself on creating timeless pieces that can endure temporary trends in the market. RS Barcelona creates game furniture pieces that are marked by quality, durability, and sustainability. The company is truly the best in the world in its niche.

Showroom Highlights

RS4 Home football table

Designed by Rafael Rodriguez, the RS4 Home football table is designed for the enjoyment of family members of all ages. This table is constructed from steel with a cataphoretic coating process and micro-textured powder-coated polyester paint and the legs are made from Iroko wood, a medium-heavy wood known for its durability. It was constructed through a process called electrophoresis deposition (EPD) which is an anti-corrosion treatment for the metals to withstand most outdoor situations. However, protecting it from moisture is important. Care for the product is straightforward and customers receive a user’s manual for instructions and advice. This piece is the perfect size for any indoor living space, game room, or even outdoor area. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar table with equal quality, longevity, and craftsmanship. We’re confident this is the piece you’ve been looking for. Come in and see us!


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At Millésimé, we offer in-person shopping and consultations in Philadelphia and Cape May. We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about us and the products we offer in our showroom. It is a unique opportunity to show pieces from a world-renowned brand like RS Barcelona.

Originally as a metal-only manufacturer, RS Barcelona has a keen level of expertise in metalworking and has since developed into a world-class design and manufacturing company in the game-furniture market. Since 1975, the company has expanded from Spain to the United States and around the world. The company continues to prioritize quality, durability, and sustainability in its pieces ensuring any customer is pleased with its pieces. Millésimé is the only local dealer of RS Barcelona products. We would love to bring your experience of RS Barcelona to life by showing you these unique pieces in person. We look forward to seeing you!

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